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Dear music lovers, in this section I´d like to let you know about some collaborations with people and bands that happened happily throughout the last years. Music that has been recorded for albums or just played live, getting involved as an instrumentalist, producer or singer. Encounters and concerts that I love remembering.



Wallis Bird
Wolfgang Niedecken
Tour Of Tours
Marcus Wiebusch
s t a r g a z e
Max Herre
Die Fantastischen Vier
Glen Hansard & Joan Baez
Die Höchste Eisenbahn
Kat Frankie
Max Prosa
Gisbert zu Knyphausen
Udo Lindenberg
Svavar Knútur
Sileshi Demissie (Gash Abera Molla)
Blue Man Group BERLIN & LONDON



Hundreds (“Aftermath” – Album/2014 + “As It was” – Single/2023)
Accidental Bird (“Climate Change” – Single/2023)
Wallis Bird (“Hands” – Album/2022)
Hundreds (“The Current” – Album/2020)
Marcus Wiebusch (“Konfetti” – Album/2014)
Pohlmann (“König der Straßen” – Album/2010)
Max Prosa (“Die Phantasie wird siegen” – Album/2012)
Max Prosa (“Mit anderen Augen” – Album/2019)
Konstantin Wecker (“Wut und Zärtlichkeit” – 2011 + “Poesie und Widerstand” – 2017)
Annett Louisan (“Zu viel Information” – Album/2014)
Martin Gallop (“Most beautiful Song” – Album/2012)
Sailing Conductors (“Songs for Marianne” – Album/2017)
Jonas David (“Five Stones” – EP/2017)
Honig (“Empty Orchestra” – Album/2012)
Ian Fisher (“Koffer” – Album/2016)
Tour Of Tours (“A Road Record” – Live Album/2020)


Some of these collaborations you´ll find in the Video section.